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How to neutralize a micromanager: Successful people appeal to micromanagers by proving themselves to be flexible, competent, and disciplined while staying in constant communication.A micromanager is naturally drawn to the employee who produces work the way she envisions.

His primary concern is maintaining power, and he will coerce and intimidate others to do so.

The tyrant thinks of his employees as a criminal gang aboard his ship.

Successful people know how to make the most of a bad situation.

A bad boss doesn't deter them because they understand that success is simply the product of how well you can play the hand you've been dealt.

Even more troubling is the number of bad bosses out there. workers compared bosses with too much power to toddlers with too much power. When asked where they should focus their efforts, managers overwhelmingly say, "Bringing in the numbers"; yet they are most often fired for poor people skills.