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Ritter showed promise in this role — more so than in her “Veronica Mars” stint the year before — but her character was bogged down in a weird storyline about her boyfriend keeping his non-relationship with Rory a secret.

Photo Credit: 'The CW' Jon Hamm: Season 3, Episode 5 Before he was Don Draper, Hamm played Peyton Sanders, a man Lorelai (Graham) meets at an auction (she eventually gets his number).

until everyone realized just how crazy his chemistry with Lauren Graham was.

Not only did series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino tell EW that she had "planned different paths" for the "Gilmore" gang -- meaning there are untold stories!

-- but Graham recently hinted that she would be up for it as well.


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    It is noteworthy, of course, that the GOP - in charge of both chambers of Congress - has taken so long to achieve a substantive win.

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    Invite your guests to bring accessories, purses, shoes, jewelry, belts, and scarves they no longer want and would like to swap!

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    Some bigger women prefer thin men, some prefer thicker men, some don't care either way. My ex-husband was tall and thin, but the main reason I found him attractive was his confident personality and sense of humor.