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This product has been retired and has been replaced with the Voyager 1202g.

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His first USB is a party Shout/Crit Fix in one package with an EX mode "Ninja". Co D brings the Na Cl with a Mag/Res boost and 7x Ao E thunder/dark damage for her USB.

'Ninja' brings a 30% atk boost, untyped fast cast of 1.3 with a cast speed buildup gradient based on actions taken...to 8 actions of reduction. But even something like that kind of lives in the shadow of his mage USB: Hastega, Mag/Mnd/Res boost, quickcast magic x3, and EX mode "Sage" - giving him another Mag boost and a boost to all Black Magic school damage. Refia gets a new fire element USB: 10x ST fire/non damage, en-fire, self quickcast 1, crit damage boost, and will chase fire element abilities with 1x quickcast. It also packs en-dark and a dark element ability chase of a 1 hit Ao E thunder/dark/non magic hit - though it is fairly potent at 440%.

And, who doesn't love suddenly sprouting a row of nekkers or spiders or whatever? Good force amplifiers, good weather control, nice scattering of combat options.