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4 - can I take my money from ATMs or do I need to go to a bank balcony or the Post Office (I am in Portugal)?Already answered above, except to say that it is Western Union which obliges you to go to the Post Office with your I. Note: "balcão" (numa loja, no banco e nos correios) is a "counter" in English. I also forgot to say that you can specify to your clients to pay into your Paypal account in either EUROS or US$.

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Funds take 2 (most usually) to 5 banking days to hit the account.

Xoom.com, serving only from the USA to 30 countries costs USD 4.99 to the sender per transfer up to USD 3K, and funds are credited to the receiving account without any charge within 24 hours on banking days.

Of course, the exchange rates they offer aren't good either. In Paypal, you have the option to withdraw funds from Paypal, which are sent directly to your (Portuguese) bank account.

But for payments coming in in USD, I don't get Pay Pal to convert the money into EUR - I keep it in USD until there's something online that I want to buy in USD. Setting up this procedure takes a couple of days (and Pay Pal debits your bank account a couple of Euros (€.150 or €3.00 - I cannot remember) because Pay Pal needs to check your bona fides.

You need to think of it more as a way of receiving/spending money than storing it.