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That explains why we had the biggest eyes (some say it is beautiful, for crying), the biggest ears (few say it is beautiful, for hearing) and the biggest mouth (all say it is ugly, for shouting and crying) than all the other people.

Our father was a king, but he had no power like Abu Kunta who used to tie urchins in the village square and tell his women to throw fish water at them.

And certainly, he did not possess two thousand heads of cattle like Jalamang Keita. Probably you’ve heard of his name but never had the honour of meeting him.

He is Jali Foda, the quintessential jaliba who, a generation before Jimi Hendrix showed the world how to strum the strings of the kora with bare teeth.

It was from one of his disciples that Petit Yorro learnt to dance the ambience. In fact, in the end his tongue grew so big like the Medinite songster that if he opens his mouth and sing your praise, like Birima, you fall and die.

Mansa Appai fumed and threatened to cut and cut and cut us into many and varied pieces, follow Jules Vernes’ road to the centre of the earth and bury the pieces there, deep down!