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The town occupies a unique place in Bermuda's history.

Discovery Bay, not far away, was the first place in Bermuda where in 1609 British colonists under the command of Admiral Sir George Somers landed involuntarily after their ship the Sea Venture, en route to Jamestown, Virginia, sank after being destroyed by reefs.

It did so for urgent socio-economic reasons, primarily because North Carolina and Virginia were by far the closest mainland areas to Bermuda and both were long-established centers of commerce for Bermuda in trade and commerce, with Virginia in particular offering many historical and family links with Bermudians (not Bermudans).

From Liverpool, England, Glasgow, Scotland and many British ports in between, ships sailed to Bermuda laden with cargoes bound, via Bermuda, for Confederate ports. The town played a key role in World War 2, with, from 1940 the building from scratch nearby of a brand-new US Army (later US Army Air Force, later USAF, later USNAS) base on St.

Defying and ignoring the town-based British governor, George Washington and prominent British Bermudian but pro-American legislator and landowner Henry Tucker and his friends agreed that Tucker and his supporters would steal a large quantity of town-based British Army gunpowder for food under the cover of night and roll it down the hill to nearby Tobacco Bay from where it was loaded on to American ships, in the very first action by a group of American sailors and militia who later became the US Marine Corps.


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