Gridview not updating on postback

Here is the code snippet for the Update Panel: [Code]....

When this happens, another panel becomes visible, using the same process, to allow the user to enter data about the name they selected. What Should Happen next: User clicks "Add" button Database is updated with the data entered Datasource refreshes Gridview refreshes - It is not visible at load because there are no records for it to show.

What Actually Happens: User clicks "Add" button Database is updated with the data entered - This has been verified Datasource should update, but not sure it is Gridview does not show.

Add a javascript function which will be invoked from the dropdownlist control, in this case this function is assigned to the Command property of the dropdownlist in code behind: the function Translate shown above performs the call and get the results in the specified page (in this case "Get Login Translations.aspx") when the request is completed and the request.onreadystatechange is set to the function Translate Labels this function will be executed.

on this way the postback is not executed as before in the event on Selected Index Changed of the dropdownlist control.

In particular, we'll build an interface that has a Form View that allows the user to page through the suppliers.