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A trio of researchers at Stanford University recently found that humans are sort of terrible at picking up on flirtatious behavior; a computer program the team designed, on the other hand, is pretty good at it.Dan Jurafsky, a linguist at Stanford, used some of his previous research on flirting to design the “flirtation-detection system” used in this study: Lots of talking, laughing, and disfluency — a term meaning interrupted flow of speech (read: awkward pauses) or the tendency to repeat a word — tends to give away a flirt.This study found that men who said they were flirting tended to ask more questions; they also laughed more.

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Either way, I’d like to borrow that flirt-detecting machine thing, please.

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They also used more sexual words (love, passion, sex, screw), angry words (hate, hell, stupid, sucks, shit), and negative words (bad, weird, hate, crazy, difficult).