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Some papers presented at these symposia together with those contributed by colleagues who did not attend the meetings constituted the basis of this special issue of the International Journal of Earth Sciences.Finally a total of 14 papers are included in this issue, dealing with geological problems in certain parts of the Tethysides from different aspects.Unlike the previously published model, which suggests that the sequence studied lay on the Arabian passive margin and that initial collision occurred prior to 18 Ma, the model they favored suggests that Paleogene to Upper Miocene sediments were sourced from the northern Neo-Tethyan accretionary complex or Eurasia, and carry no input from Arabia, whereas the Lower Pliocene sample shows a mixed provenance from both Arabia and Eurasia, suggesting that the collision occurred between ~11.2 and 5 Ma. Its evolution has been drawing attention from different aspects. presented U–Pb dating and geochemical results of metamorphic zircons from the eclogite in the boundary zone between the North and South Qiangtang (sub)terranes.

IGCP-589 is aimed to carry out multi-disciplinary investigations in key areas of the Tethysides to help explore the evolution of the Asian Tethyan Realm.

Specific studies includes regional extension of suture zones; properties of oceanic basins and the positions of continental blocks at different times; stratigraphic successions on continental blocks; paleobiogeographic evolution; timing and processes of continental blocks rifting and suturing; and testing the validity of the existing Tethyan evolution models.

As to the mechanism and processes of how they became such a configuration, we remain in a state of finding out further clues and indications.

Extracted and slightly modified from Pubellier (The International Geoscience Programme Project 589 (IGCP-589) entitled “Development of the Asian Tethyan Realm: Genesis, Process and Outcomes” is a successor project of several IGCP projects (321, 411 and 516) that dealt with the geological evolution of Asia with emphasis on Gondwana dispersion and Asia accretion.

We are, however, of limited knowledge but plentiful speculations on the mechanism and process of rifting, drifting and amalgamation.


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